By: 12 June 2020
Anthony Gold managing partner joins Civil Procedure Rule Committee

Anthony Gold Solicitors managing partner David Marshall has been appointed as a solicitor member of the Civil Procedure Rule Committee (CPRC).

The CPRC is chaired by Lord Justice Peter Coulson, deputy head of civil justice, and is responsible for monitoring and improving court rules for all types of civil proceedings.

Marshall specialises in serious personal injury cases, particularly brain and psychiatric injury. He was an assessor to Lord Justice Rupert Jackson’s supplemental review on fixed recoverable costs, and vice chair of the Civil Justice Council’s working groups on noise-related hearing loss and on lower value clinical negligence claims.

He has been with Anthony Gold Solicitors since 1985 where he started as trainee solicitor. He will sit as a CPRC solicitor member for a three-year duration.

Commenting on his appointment, Marshall said: “I am excited about joining the CPRC at this very challenging time. I look forward to using my knowledge and experience of civil law practice to influence and shape civil procedure, in particular with regard to the increasing digitisation of process, already underway through the online court initiative which will be inevitably speeded up as a result of the response to the pandemic.”