By: 12 November 2020
MCE Insurance appoints DAC Beachcroft to manage £40 million claims portfolio

MCE Insurance, a provider of motorcycle and scooter insurance, has appointed law firm DAC Beachcroft to manage its £40 million claims portfolio.

As the insurer’s sole claims adviser, DAC Beachcroft will handle all MCE Insurance’s credit hire, fraud and catastrophic injury claims, across the UK and Ireland. 

Julian Edwards, chief executive officer at MCE Insurance, commented: “We are delighted to be working with DAC Beachcroft, and are committed to building a dynamic and sustainable partnership for the long term. DAC Beachcroft’s expert knowledge and experience of defending injury claims, coupled with its in-depth understanding of MCE’s strategy, made it a clear choice to become our legal advisor on claims.

“Our respective teams have now completed a successful integration and DAC Beachcroft is working with a delegated authority. This is a true testament to all involved.”

MCE Insurance has grown rapidly in recent years to become one of the UK’s largest providers of specialist motorcycle insurance, generating revenue of £134 million and employing more than 400 people. 

Edwards explained: “MCE Insurance manages 80% of its credit hire claims through protocol agreements, which provide real economic and operating benefits for both the insurer and credit hire organisation.”

“However, where credit hire fraud emerges, we need legal advisers with the specialist expertise to spot and reject those spurious claims. We anticipate that DAC Beachcroft’s ‘Know Your Opponent’ strategy will save MCE a targeted £1 million a year.”

“Likewise, handling claims where the policyholder has suffered catastrophic, life-changing injuries, requires a very different approach that achieves the right outcome for both the claimant and insurer. We identified DAC Beachcroft’s dedicated complex injury team as the standout practice for resolving these high value claims.”

Craig Dickson, chief executive officer of DAC Beachcroft’s claims solutions group, added: “This is a very significant appointment for our claims solutions business, as we look to build the claims work we do for specialist insurers, such as MCE Insurance, and deliver the quality advice and bespoke services they require.”