By: 18 January 2021
Rehab provider Reach Personal Injury Services joins handl Group

Reach Personal Injury Services is the latest company to join handl Group.

Reach was established in 1994 to provide a home and community-based rehabilitation service for child and adult survivors of moderate and severe traumatic brain injuries.

It is now the UK’s largest private sector organisation dedicated solely to the provision of head and brain injury rehabilitation at home.

The addition of Reach to handl Group’s portfolio of legal, insurance and healthcare companies, for an undisclosed sum, follows the acquisition of Autoresolutions, a provider of online alternative dispute resolution for credit hire claims, in December.

Graham Pulford, chief executive officer of handl Group, says: “Reach represents a great addition to our portfolio of complementary businesses that together provide a wide range of solutions to the insurance and legal sectors.”

“Reach’s experience and expertise ensure that people who have had the worst kind of injuries have the best possible opportunity to improve and restore their quality of life.”

“I am confident Reach will make a very valuable contribution to handl’s aims and aspirations, and we’re looking forward to working with Heather [Batey] and her team as they continue to develop their services in the future.”

Batey, who is managing director of Reach, adds: “At Reach we believe that people who have experienced traumatic brain injury deserve every possible chance to lead a normal life and re-acquire the kind of skills that many of us take for granted every day.”

“After 27 years, I wanted to build the next step for the business. Graham shares my view of the opportunity for Reach, and I strongly believe that our joining handl Group will enable us to move forward so that the people we help have access to ever better rehabilitation.”

“handl Group’s core focus of people and technology working hand in hand fits our own business philosophy, and my expectation is that aligning Reach to the various brands within handl will enable us to significantly broaden our customer base, both within the insurance sector but also into other parts of the healthcare market.”