Kennedys IQ introduces AI technology to end-to-end portal claim management solution

Kennedys IQ, the technology company from law firm Kennedys, has taken its solution for compensators to the next level by using artificial intelligence (AI) to assess medical evidence and recommend a damages figure for insurance claims in the Claims Portal.

Portal Manager also now employs state-of-the-art fraud detection technology, based on Kennedys IQ’s evidential reasoning engine developed in conjunction with the University of Manchester in a government-funded knowledge transfer partnership and arming clients with a powerful tool in the fight against claims fraud.

The enhancements mean that Portal Manager offers a comprehensive solution for claims made through both the Claims Portal and the new Official Injury Claim portal that is due to go live in May for all road traffic accident injury claims valued at less than £5,000. 

Portal Manager is the first of its type to help compensators manage road traffic accident and other claims from the moment they are submitted via the Claims Portal all the way through to a stage 3 damages hearing at the end and any recoveries, if necessary.

In the majority of cases where lawyers would traditionally have been instructed, compensators are themselves empowered to resolve disputes within the system using this solution.

Portal Manager links together existing Kennedys IQ technology, such as Defence Lawyer, which enables compensators to handle stage 3 proceedings, and introduces advanced technologies, such as AI and natural language processing, to improve claim outcomes while augmenting clients’ claims-handling teams by focusing them on the key issues.

Portal Manager identifies new claims as soon as they are submitted via the portal. It continuously monitors their progress to ensure a deadline is never missed, while automatically assessing the supporting medical evidence. 

In seconds, medical reports are machine-read and every injury is automatically identified along with evidence of prognosis and recovery detail.

Portal Manager calculates a compensation figure for each injury, based on Judicial College Guidelines, the client’s own compensation matrix and many years of Kennedys data and insight.

It offers high levels of accuracy and has been tested on complex casualty claims.

Working in partnership with the University of Manchester’s Decision and Cognitive Sciences Research Centre, Kennedys IQ has developed the MAKER algorithm and incorporates evidential reasoning to better detect fraud. 

Claims investigators can immediately assess the reasons for a claim being flagged for investigation. Where the investigator view differs, this is reported back into the system so that the algorithm can iteratively improve.

This approach has proven successful in finding more fraudulent claims, as well as far fewer false positives. One client has identified potential for £1 million in casualty savings over a 12-month period as a result. The single solution approach to claims passing through both the old and new portal systems provides users with immediate access to comparative information on claimant behaviour

Richard West, partner and head of the innovations group at Kennedys and a director of Kennedys IQ, said: “Portal Manager shows what can be achieved when deep legal experience and expertise is combined with cutting-edge technology—a solution that is designed to enable our clients to be more self-sufficient, reducing their reliance on lawyers for attritional claims.”

Karim Derrick, Kennedys IQ’s product and innovation director, added: “Portal Manager is the latest stage of our ambitious programme of software development, putting elite legal thinking directly into the hands of client claims handlers via the IQ Platform. We’re helping claims handlers shift from information gatherers to insight enabled decision makers.”

Mike Gilpin, Kennedys IQ’s commercial director, says: “Our aim is to empower our clients with the ability to handle common legal tasks themselves, reducing legal costs and improving efficiency as well as outcomes. The management information the system provides enables compensators to manage their resources with greater accuracy.”

“The Official Injury Claim portal may appear a significant new challenge for insurers but by having all claims visible in one simple dashboard, irrespective of the source, we expect our clients to manage the transition as seamlessly as possible.”