By: 2 March 2021
Mind Right aims to transform provision of psychological rehab for personal injury cases

Mind Right, handl Group’s new generation psychological services provider that aims to change how treatment is accessed and delivered by insurers and case managers, has launched.

The new business was set up by handl Group, the portfolio group of companies serving the legal, insurance and healthcare sectors, in response to the challenge of ensuring that psychological rehabilitation is both focused and beneficial for the injured party, and cost-effective and tightly-managed for the insurer.

Mind Right offers a balanced and flexible treatment package, giving people access to a combination of digital treatment techniques well as a national network of face-to-face clinicians.  

The startup is led by managing director Pete Clark, a clinical psychologist with two decades of experience and degrees in psychology and occupational therapy, who joined handl Group last September.

Chris Chatterton, chief commercial officer at handl Group, said: “At a time when research suggests that more than 50% of traffic collisions are likely to result in some form of anxiety or mood change that would benefit from psychological intervention, the need for timely, accessible and outcome-focused psychological rehabilitation has never been greater.” 

“As a group, we’re committed to providing solutions to industry problems. We have talked extensively to insurers, rehabilitation experts and case managers and found that there is a clear need for an outcome-driven mental health service that sets out clear goals and delivers against them. ”

“Mind Right will do things differently and challenge the status quo. It’s a great addition to our portfolio of complementary businesses that together provide a wide range of solutions to the insurance and legal sectors.” 

Clark said that a key issue for psychological rehabilitation services in the personal injury market is that they are run by clinicians who lack case management experience. 

“Mind Right addresses that by bringing together both commercial and clinical expertise so that we can offer the best possible treatment, while also serving the needs of the people commissioning that treatment.” 

“Our services will streamline the referral process, allow the referrer to set specific treatment goals, manage treatment drift, reduce the number of sessions and costs, and provide bespoke reporting for individual customers and their stakeholders, as well as delivering on the justifiably high treatment quality expectations of all involved. 

“There’s going to be continued growth in the demand for client choice. Digital and remote access will be in higher demand for some, while for others, the desire to connect face-to-face with a treating clinician will be greater than ever. Flexibility of approach is an absolute must.”