By: 14 May 2021
MGAA and ACSO strike partnership

Trade bodies the Managing General Agents Association (MGAA) and the Association of Consumer Support Organisations (ACSO) have agreed a joint partnership that will focus on supporting consumer rights and enhancing relationships and understanding between the two groups of members.

Charles Layfield, chairman of ACSO, said that it was clear during preliminary discussions that “both organisations share a great deal of common ground, and it makes sense to work together to develop dialogue across a range of issues”.

Mike Keating, chief executive officer of MGAA, said: “The MGAA works to drive best practice and the highest professional MGA standards, as well as representing members’ interests in negotiations with bodies whose rulings, regulations or controls may impact members. Collaborating with ACSO towards common goals can only serve to strengthen our voice when striving to protect member interests.”

Layfield said priority areas included the impact of the Civil Liability Act on claims, insured customers and the businesses that distribute insurance products and services to those customers, including MGAs. 

Both ACSO and MGAA see the partnership as an opportunity to enhance membership services by educating, informing and raising awareness.

Keating added: “The MGAA remains fully committed to ensuring our members have access, insight and where possible influence on all aspects of the insurance value chain. Our partnership with ACSO is a further demonstration of that commitment.”

“There are mutual synergies and fantastic opportunities for both sets of members in this partnership which we are looking to develop.”