The Floow and Direct Line expand telematics partnership

Global telematics provider The Floow has expanded its partnership with Direct Line Group with the launch of a smartphone app-only version of its telematics insurance offering, DrivePlus.

Available through the Direct Line brand and initially launched in 2014, DrivePlus was originally a black box proposition, installed in cars to monitor driving performance and reward safer drivers with premium discounts on renewal of their insurance policy. 

The app-only version represents an evolution in Direct Line’s connected insurance offering, turning a driver’s smartphone into a telematics device and promoting a mobile-first, fully digital experience. It is designed to increase road safety and make insurance more affordable for young drivers. Telematics drivers can potentially save around 20% on a new policy. 

The DrivePlus app runs on the FloowDrive platform and takes data from a driver’s smartphone, scores that data and then presents it back to the user in the DrivePlus app. For eligible customers, this means that there is no requirement for a black box to be fitted in their vehicle. 

The launch of the DrivePlus app-only proposition is the latest development in the partnership between Direct Line and The Floow as they strive to make driving safer and smarter following the launch of DriveXpert on Privilege and DriveSure on Churchill.

David James, chief operating officer at The Floow, said: “We are committed to enable Connected Insurance products based on a superb, mobile-centric experience and to place our motor insurance partners at the forefront of data technology so that both insurers and policyholders get the best out of their policies.”

“Using a smartphone for data collection is just as accurate as using a black box and as smartphones are more cost-effective, this widens the potential reach of telematics technology.”

“We have developed an excellent relationship with Direct Line Group since we started working together in 2012, and this enhancement to the DrivePlus proposition is further testament to our collective desire to provide the best insurance cover to drivers, and positively influence safer driver behaviours.” 

Nancy Tsanti, telematics product manager at Direct Line, said: “The main benefits that we deliver revolve around the ease of telematics—the ‘Download and Drive’ principle—where there is no hassle around fitting a black box and all journeys, whether long or short, are captured automatically by the driver’s smartphone.”

“Our ongoing relationship with The Floow has allowed Direct Line to continue to reduce telematics costs and return value to customers by way of lower motor insurance premiums.”

“With reduced telematics costs as well as the capture of additional information relating to driving behaviour, such as mobile phone distraction, further opportunities arise to introduce telematics products to a wider audience and enable novel applications and services.”