AXIS Insurance announces sponsorship to support victims of cyber crime

Bermuda-based AXIS Insurance, the specialty insurance business segment of AXIS Capital, is supporting UK-based The Cyber Helpline in an effort to align the cyber security community and help individuals affected by attacks.

The year-long sponsorship will enable AXIS and The Cyber Helpline to share their expertise and raise additional funds to support more cyber security victims.

The scale and severity of cyber crime has increased rapidly over the past year and The Cyber Helpline has seen a 362 percent increase in cases compared to the previous 12 months.

Victims who contact The Cyber Helpline can liaise with a chatbot that provides anonymous expert advice 24/7, or they can connect directly with expert volunteers from the cyber security community.

The helpline ensures that victims understand what has happened, contain the issue, recover and learn how to better protect themselves in the future.

Stuart Quick, cyber centre of excellence lead for cyber and technology at AXIS, said: “We are delighted to be affiliated with The Cyber Helpline. This sponsorship provides an opportunity to leverage our experience in handling complex cyber risks to help individuals who have been victims of cyber attacks.”

Rory Innes, founder and chief executive officer of The Cyber Helpline, added: “The Cyber Helpline takes a community-driven approach to helping victims of cyber crime and we are excited about AXIS joining that community. The sponsorship from AXIS will ultimately enable us to support more victims, gain a deeper understanding of cyber risks and access a wider team of experts.”