By: 27 October 2021
Insurer wouldn’t be first call for 65% of drivers, finds AA Accident Assist

Two thirds of drivers (65%) would initially call someone other than their insurer following a collision, according to a poll by the newly launched AA Accident Assist.

Imagining they were in a collision where no one was hurt, but damaged the car to the extent that it needed repair, more than two fifths (43%) would contact their breakdown provider in the first instance for help. A fifth (20%) of women would call their partner in such circumstances, while more than a third (37%) of young drivers would call their parents.

While many will eventually contact their insurer at some point after the incident, the poll shows that drivers will often seek help and assistance from other sources first before calling their insurance company, according to the AA.

The study, conducted in September and involving 13,452 respondents, comes as the AA launches Accident Assist, a complimentary service for all its members regardless of their insurance provider. Accident Assist will provide benefits that are not always guaranteed by most insurers, such as:

  • Recovery of the vehicle to an AA-approved garage whether at the roadside or at home
  • Repair using genuine manufacturer parts
  • A hire or courtesy car for the duration of the repair
  • Personal injury support for AA members and any passengers involved
  • Will liaise between each party’s insurance provider
  • Should the incident not be the fault of the AA member, then Accident Assist will not charge them the insurance excess

Tim Rankin, managing director of AA Accident Assist, said: “This complimentary claims service gives peace of mind to AA members should they unfortunately be involved in a collision.”

“Stressful situations require calm, reassurance, and trust of an expert. We are proud to put our arms around our members in their hour of need and carry out the time consuming activities on their behalf, whilst acting in their best interests.”

“By providing benefits such as fitment of genuine manufacturer parts and mobility throughout the duration of the repair, we can protect our members and provide expert independent advice, regardless of who they are insured with. Wherever you are, whoever you’re with, we’re here for you.”