By: 31 August 2023
UK hit by 134 million unsolicited personal injury compensation messages in one year

Statistics have revealed that approximately 134 million unsolicited calls and text messages related to personal injury compensation have been made within the United Kingdom in the past year. 

An exclusive study conducted by YouGov on behalf of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) indicates that over 20 million people received unsolicited cold calls or texts promoting claims for injury compensation. 

APIL’s Chief Executive, Mike Benner, expressed the need for an outright prohibition on intrusive and distressing cold calls: “It’s time for an outright ban on intrusive and upsetting cold calls about personal injury claims, which is what the public wants. 

“Some 89% of the people surveyed want a total ban. Our research shows strong emotional responses to calls with people left feeling angry, anxious, disgusted, or upset. It’s hardly a surprise when they are being pestered in their own homes. 

“Solicitors are banned from cold calling for personal injury claims, and we fully support this. Claims management companies, however, are still allowed to contact people.”  

The not-for-profit APIL advocates for those injured due to negligence. The organisation is urging the Government to introduce an amendment to the Data Protection and Digital Information Bill (No. 2), currently under parliamentary consideration, to outlaw cold calls promoting personal injury claims.  

Benner said: “In the past the Government stopped short of an outright ban on cold calling by introducing new rules so that people must consent to receiving calls and text messages, but the rules are confusing and ambiguous.  

“The evidence is clear that millions of calls are still being made and the public is overwhelmingly frustrated. There is an opportunity in the Data Protection and Digital Information Bill to put this right.”

APIL’s survey of over 2,066 adults showed that 38% of respondents received an unwanted injury call or text. On average, each person who received these calls or texts said they had received seven calls or texts.  

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Josie Miller
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