By: 26 October 2023
AXA UK calls for self-driving legislation to save medical costs

AXA UK is calling on the Government to prioritise self-driving legislation in the forthcoming king’s speech. New analysis has revealed it has the potential to save the UK billions of pounds in costs relating to road crashes. 

Government data has shown road collisions cost the UK £43.2bn in 2022. Of this, £2.3bn was a direct expense to the NHS for medical and ambulance costs. 85% of all road collisions involve an element of human error, according to the Department for Transport.  

David Ovenden, AXA UK Chief Underwriting Officer stated: 

“The Government has a self-driving bill waiting in the wings that is likely to win cross-party support. We’re calling on the Prime Minister to prioritise road safety on 7 November and include the bill in the King’s Speech.”

Ross Moorlock, interim CEO at Brake, the road safety charity, added: 

“It’s important that we ensure the future of driving has safety at its core. Currently five people die on British roads every day and many more receive life-changing injuries. Road death is traumatic and has a lasting effect on families and communities. And if we can make this new era of transport safer, then we can work towards a world where everyone is safe on roads.” 

The self-driving industry is expected to be worth £42bn to the UK economy by 2035 and create 50,000 highly skilled green jobs.  

Self-driving technology also has the potential to assist with mobility issues. The elderly, those with disabilities and young people can benefit from this technology, especially in remote areas where transport options are limited.  


Image: Canva
Emma Cockings
Emma is a content editor for Claims Media.