By: 30 October 2023
BELFOR UK launches new training facility for budding technicians

BELFOR UK, a disaster and recovery firm, has launched a new training facility in Luton. This will allow them to upskill a new generation of technicians.

The restoration industry has seen a severe shortage of talent in recent times. The BELFOR training centre has already trained eight technicians, all of which secured full time employment with BELFOR and are now working in the field on live disaster recovery incidents. The new recruits are accompanied by their lead tech and manager, providing ongoing field-based coaching.  

Pete Brown leads the training facility. He began at BELFOR 21 years ago and has since progressed to technical services manager.  

Pete has created a training course that covers all fundamental skills required for a trainee technician. This includes responding to natural disasters, handling fire contaminated buildings and restoring asbestos affected properties.  

Pete commented: “With over 35 years’ experience in restoration and disaster prevention, the business can share its unrivalled knowledge and experience with the trainees, equipping them with the skills they need to succeed in the role.” 

BELFOR’s technical manager, Jay Scott, adds: “There is nothing else like this in the industry. We have essentially built two houses, which feature the full range of disaster scenarios to give our trainees first-hand exposure of what they will be facing out in the field.” 

BELFOR UK also has a leak detection training suite in Wellingborough, another bespoke training centre. Here, trainees can experience real life situations to prepare them for incidents in the field. The leak detection training facility also enables BELFOR UK to offer demonstrations of their equipment and processes to clients, to help them understand the procedures and potential challenges when a real-life leak occurs. 


Image: Canva
Emma Cockings
Emma is a content editor for Claims Media.