By: 15 November 2023
APIL secures industry award for enlightening short film

The Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) have won a major industry award for their short film. The film addresses how personal injury law is vital for helping victims piece their lives back together.

APIL’s Rebuilding Shattered Lives campaign produced the film, titled Victoria’s Story. The production has the long-term aim of putting injured victims of negligence at the heart of policymaking. 

The film won gold in the best blog, podcast or video category at the Association Excellence Awards 2023. It tells the true story of Victoria Lebrec, who had to have her leg amputated after a horrific road crash that was not her fault. 

“Rebuilding Shattered Lives is about ensuring the needs of people who are injured due to someone else’s negligence are held paramount when the government devises policies,” explained APIL chief executive Mike Benner. 

“The law can be a fragile thing, subject to erosion by lawmakers who are all too often influenced by false myths and ignorance about the needs and motivations of injured people.  

“Victoria’s story demonstrates how critical personal injury law is to victims of negligence. She explains first-hand how the law helped her to get her life back on track,” he said. 

“In Victoria’s case, the law meant she could secure the compensation she is entitled to so she could get a prosthetic leg that fitted correctly. The one she was initially given by the NHS left her falling over, bruised, and in pain. She also explains with eloquence how her life changed forever in an instant,” said Mike. 

The award was announced at a ceremony in London, with the judges saying the film portrayed a “very powerful story” and was “sensitively made”. 

“A win like this for Rebuilding Shattered Lives is a significant step forward,” said Mike. “This campaign is for the whole sector and the injured people it serves. If you are a victim of negligence, you should be able to rely on the law for the help you need.” 


Image: Association of Personal Injury Lawyers
Emma Cockings
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