By: 11 January 2024
Allianz rejects alleged personal injury claim as fraudulent

Allianz has revealed details about a personal injury claim resulting from a court case in 2023.

The incident involved an Allianz customer. They collided with another vehicle whilst reversing out of a closed pump in a petrol station, causing minor damage. Allianz admitted liability and repaired the vehicle.

Six months later, Pritesh Ganatra from Northampton (the third party) filed a personal injury claim against Allianz. Ganatra claimed neck, mid, and lower back injuries, along with losses in earnings, travel expenses, physiotherapy costs, and legal fees. After assessing the claim, Allianz rejected it as dishonest.

Ganatra then initiated court proceedings, seeking over £93,000 in lost earnings. Allianz asserted that the claim was fraudulent but Ganatra presented documents to support his lost earnings claim. Suspecting fabrication, Allianz instructed its solicitors, Keoghs, to investigate further and defend the claim.

During the investigation, Keoghs obtained a court order for extensive disclosure of documents related to the lost earnings claim. This strengthened the belief that the claim was false.

James Burge, head of counter fraud at Allianz Commercial, commented on the case, highlighting the increase in dishonest claims, where individuals exaggerate circumstances for financial gain.

“This case demonstrates the continued work of the teams across Allianz and Keoghs and the zero-tolerance approach that Allianz takes,” Burge said.

In October, Northampton County Court heard the case, and both the driver and Ganatra provided evidence. The court concluded that Ganatra had not sustained injuries in the low-speed collision and that the documents for his lost earnings claim were falsified. The court declared the claim dishonest and instructed Ganatra to pay an initial £20,000 toward Allianz’s legal costs, with the remaining costs to be determined later.

Nigel Parker, associate solicitor at Keoghs LLP, emphasised the importance of thoroughly investigating such claims.

“It is critically important that these types of claims are fully investigated, and claimants learn that they cannot lie and get paid out. This is a fantastic result for Allianz and Keoghs and shows the benefit of working together to get the right result,” Parker said.


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Emma Cockings
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