By: 9 February 2024
Damp dilemma: 47% of UK homes lack proper ventilation

During the winter months, households across the UK are facing a common challenge – the increased risk of mould growth due to indoor drying of clothes and limited ventilation.

Recent research reveals that 83% of households resort to drying clothes indoors during the colder months, and 47% neglect proper room ventilation while doing so. Additionally, 10% of households admit to inadequate ventilation in bathrooms during showers, contributing to dampness issues.

The consequences of poor insulation and ventilation in homes become apparent as mould starts to spread, posing a threat to both the aesthetics and structural integrity of a property.

Experts caution that mould-related damages are often considered maintenance issues, typically excluded from standard home insurance coverage unless directly linked to a significant problem such as a water leak. home insurance experts have identified key indicators of mould formation. This includes discolouration, musty odours, damp surfaces, leaky plumbing, and moisture condensation.

Matthew Harwood, a home and lifestyle expert at, offers practical tips to safeguard homes from mould without risking insurance coverage.

Harwood emphasises the importance of identifying the cause of mould, distinguishing between penetrating damp and condensation-induced mould. Penetrating damp, resulting from water leaks and burst pipes, is more likely to be covered by insurance, whereas condensation-related mould, appearing as black spots, is typically considered a maintenance issue.

Simple measures, such as regularly opening windows to allow moist air to escape, keeping bathroom and kitchen doors closed during use, and installing extractor fans, can significantly reduce the risk of mould formation. Harwood further advises homeowners to stay proactive with basic maintenance tasks. This includes checking for leaks in taps and shower heads and ensuring that extractor fans are unobstructed and in working condition.

In conclusion, the battle against winter mould requires a combination of awareness, prevention, and proactive maintenance. By following expert advice and incorporating these simple practices into their routine, homeowners can protect their properties from the unsightly and potentially damaging effects of mould, all while staying within the confines of their insurance coverage.

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Emma Cockings
Emma is a junior editor for Claims Media.