By: 22 March 2024
Gamlins Law celebrates victory in landmark rehabilitation cost case

In a significant victory for claimants, particularly those navigating catastrophic injury claims, a recent ruling by the court of appeal has been hailed as a landmark decision.


The case, Hadley v Przybylo, addressed the crucial issue of the recoverability of costs associated with rehabilitation, setting a precedent that could profoundly impact personal injury and clinical negligence cases.

Represented by Chris Barnes KC and Matthew Stockwell of Exchange Chambers, Simon and Elen Roberts of Gamlins Law spearheaded the appeal. The focal point of the case was whether a claimant’s solicitor could reclaim costs linked to attending meetings related to the claimant’s rehabilitation. Despite a previous ruling against the claimant, the court of appeal ruled decisively in their favour on 15 March.


Simon Roberts, head of personal injury and clinical negligence at Gamlins Law, stated;

“This is a hugely important ruling for the personal injury and clinical negligence profession. The decision to pursue this matter to the court of appeal was a real team effort involving Gamlins Law and Exchange Chambers.

“The judgment provides clarity regarding the recoverability of rehabilitation-related costs and, importantly, ensures that claimants, often in extremely complex matters involving catastrophic injury, can gain the necessary support and assistance throughout their case.”


Gamlins Law, headquartered in North Wales, represents clients across the UK in various personal injury and clinical negligence cases. Simon and Elen Roberts’ expertise in head injury law, recognised by Headway, the brain injury charity, underscores their commitment to advocating for the rights of those affected by such injuries.


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Emma Cockings
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