MRC: empowering legal professionals with streamlined medical record services

Who we are

With over 15 years of dedicated service to the legal industry, Medical Record Collation (MRC) stands as a highly experienced and professional provider of medical record services. Our commitment to excellence is unwavering as we offer top-notch medical record pagination, chronology and radiology services, all delivered to an impeccable and award winning standard. In addition to delivering our core services, we aim to equip our clients with detailed memos and guidance, empowering them to effortlessly navigate the meticulously sorted and ordered records.

Our journey began in Altrincham, Manchester, where our founder, Sally Gordon, identified a market need and initiated our services from the confines of a back bedroom. Starting as a part-time endeavour, Sally’s dedication propelled MRC forward as the demand soared. Through years of continuous effort and commitment, our business has evolved into a renowned and trusted name in the medico-legal sector.

At MRC, our services are not just a solution; they are a tailored experience crafted around the unique needs of our clients. We believe in flexibility, ensuring that each client receives a personalised and valuable service. Recognising that every case is unique, we set ourselves apart with a level of care that permeates our interactions and services.


How we assist the PI sector

At the heart of our commitment to personal injury cases is the understanding that access to accurate and timely medical records is instrumental in building robust legal cases. By providing law firms with streamlined and reliable medical record services, we empower legal professionals to navigate the complexities of personal injury cases with precision.

By bridging the gap between legal expertise and comprehensive medical records, we act as a strategic partner for law firms operating in the PI sector. Our commitment to excellence and continuous innovation underscores the pivotal role we play in enhancing the overall efficiency and effectiveness of legal advocacy.

In an area like personal injury where every detail can make a significant difference, MRC stands as a reliable ally for legal professionals, ensuring they have the necessary tools to build compelling cases and achieve successful outcomes for their clients.


Radiology portal

We have recently introduced our enhanced radiology platform; a cutting-edge service designed to streamline your workflow and elevate collaboration within your team. Our user-friendly platform consolidates all radiology images into one secure central hub, providing a seamless online experience for users. This centralised platform not only simplifies the process of uploading and editing images but also facilitates effortless side-by-side comparisons, empowering you to make informed decisions efficiently.

Moreover, our portal caters specifically to the needs of the legal team, providing a dedicated space to add notes to images. This innovative feature enhances cohesion within the team, allowing them to collaborate effortlessly and share annotated images.

Experience the convenience of a radiology service that not only meets but exceeds your expectations, revolutionising the way you manage and collaborate on crucial medical images.


The future (MRC AI)

In the dynamic landscape of legal proceedings, MRC is pioneering a transformative shift in medical record collation. Our cutting-edge AI pre-sorting service is a game-changer, expediting every legal case’s journey.

MRC AI has been meticulously trained using a combination of manual data tagging and complex algorithms, enabling the AI to learn and understand what the process entails to correctly sort and paginate an unsorted bundle of medical records.. It has been a long and challenging two years of development, extensive training, time and investment, but we are delighted that now, our AI solution will enable solicitors to pre-sort and risk assess cases before insuring in a fraction of the time, at a fraction of the cost.

MRC AI offers the potential to efficiently pre-sort thousands of cases, allowing solicitors to swiftly assess a case’s merits within minutes. This revolutionary service expedites the time-consuming and manual task of case’s merits and risks assessment by providing a chronological index and bundle for easy navigation.

At the core of this innovation is the ability to process 1,000 pages of medical records every 15 minutes. This enables solicitors to quickly identify case merits, streamlining the entire legal process and providing a competitive edge.

The versatility of our MRC AI goes beyond case determination. It extends to the full sorting of medical records, providing a comprehensive understanding of case timelines and details. Empowering legal professionals to navigate a case at all stages with unparalleled ease.

MRC AI is poised to be a transformative force in the medico-legal sector, setting a new standard for efficiency with its unparalleled speed, adaptability and language capabilities. As we embrace this technological evolution, MRC stands at the forefront of innovation, propelling the legal industry into a future where efficiency, accuracy and insight converge seamlessly.



At the heart of our corporate ethos lies a robust commitment to social responsibility, evident in our community engagement and working practices. Historically, our operations focused on hard copy records, contributing to a relatively large carbon footprint and printing over a million pages annually. In response to our commitments, our evolution and our ambitions, we have reshaped our services to reduce our environmental impact, pledging to transition to a fully digital service by the end of 2024. This commitment is underscored by our partnership with JUST ONE Tree who support us with our environmental, social and governance goals.

Becoming a fully digital service, we project a substantial reduction in our annual environmental impact, including:

  • 60 tonnes of CO2 emissions,
  • 40,000 kWh of energy,
  • 356,000 units of water use, and
  • The preservation of 160 trees.

To address MRC’s environmental impact, we have committed to a tree-planting initiative over the next five years, ensuring that for each tree felled throughout our 15-year journey so far, a new one is planted, aligning with our dedication to sustainable practices. Furthermore, we have pledged to plant 1 tree for every case that we complete going forwards, rooting our commitment to being a better contributor to our planet and its people.


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