UK government renews contract with Healix for global healthcare services

The UK government has extended its more than decade-long contract with Healix, for healthcare services for another two years.

This extension to the third successive term is the maximum possible for Healix’s contract. The arrangement is in place to look after the global health and safety of 28,000 government employees and their families.

The decision to extend was made ahead of schedule, with Healix’s contract originally set for review in 2025. Healix will continue to support 30 government departments and agencies, including those that have been added since the contract was last renewed in 2021.


These include:

This provides employees with access to 24/7 365 care, even in the most challenging territories.

Previously, Healix helped to mitigate healthcare risks while Brexit terms were in negotiation. Healix was scenario planning around how leaving the EU could impact the availability and cost of healthcare overseas through crisis simulations and written papers. Healix also set up a dedicated team during COVID-19 to assess the risks of vulnerable people overseas and support the FCDO who arranged their return to the UK where needed.

Healix’s ongoing commitment to supporting government staff and their families to access NHS-level care, even in countries where healthcare operates at a lower standard, has been integral to the extension of the contract. A key element of this is the comprehensive medical clearance of all employees and their families before they travel, anticipating and mitigating against any potential medical risks. Since the 2021 renewal, there have been minimal medical repatriations, a measure of successful health risk mitigation.

As part of the contract, Healix also supports the government by providing occupational health support for staff in key departments, including FCDO and FCDO Services, the Department for Transport, the Maritime and Coastguard Agency, alongside mental health support for all overseas employees.


Russell Smith, director of government services at Healix, said:

“The low level of medical repatriations we’ve had to deal with since 2021 when the contract was renewed, is testament to the effectiveness of our medical clearance process and high-quality medical care on the ground. Through ongoing collaboration with the UK government, we are able to use the added time to continue to innovate and deliver improvements that have a positive impact on service provided to staff and families overseas.”

James Henderson, CEO of Healix International, added:

 “Our ongoing partnership with the UK government reflects their continued trust in us and the service we provide to protect their people and their families overseas, no matter where they are in the world. Over the years we have seen this trust increase as our offering has widened and our level of service has extended into new departments. We are committed to providing the UK government with the highest level of support and appreciate the recognition of our work through this early contract extension.”


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