By: 12 May 2014

Express Solicitors has completed the acquisition of Lavin Copitch Solicitors for £250,000.


The deal, which includes several hundred personal injury files, was made possible due to a £4.1m refinancing package from RBS Corporate following the firm’s successful conversion to an ABS in April.


Lavin Copitch was founded 15 years ago and comprised two partners working out of offices in Altrincham and Gorton.


Express Solicitors is part of the Pi Gateway consortium which helps personal injury firms make a strategic exit from the market. The group, which includes Bott & Co Solicitors, Hilary Meredith Solicitors and Ralli Solicitors, was instrumental in introducing Lavin Copitch to Express.


“Our team of specialist lawyers are looking forward to continuing the good work that Lavin Copitch Solicitors has started and providing a seamless and exceptional service for its clients,” said James Maxey, managing partner at Express Solicitors.


“While there are many firms wishing to exit the market there are also plenty of acquiring firms, who want to strengthen their balance sheet and grow turnover.


“Pi Gateway has the flexibility to co-opt other members to join the group for larger transactions.  The consortium is open to no obligation talks at any time to firms looking to exit the market and make a clean break at a fair price.  What we also offer is peace of mind that their clients will continue to receive a first class service going forward,” he added.