By: 24 March 2015
Aviva looks to speed up claims process with CitNOW technology

Aviva has become one of the first insurers to streamline its claims process using CitNOW video technology.

After a successful three month trial the company is now distributing the technology for use in all claims cases across its national network of BMW repairers.

The insurance giant says that the technology will transform the traditional claims process which can involve several layers of checks and a drawn out, back-and-forth conversation between an insurance engineer and a bodyshop.

Still images sent by the repairer can sometimes contain only part of the information needed for the insurance engineer to make a full assessment, whereas a video version of the Vehicle Damage Assessment (VDA) created by CitNOW’s intuitive app provides all of the facts in one package.

Alistair Campbell, Aviva’s motor network manager, said he wanted customers to see their claim progressing at every stage and that CitNOW’s app would help them be able to do that.

“If the still images we get with a traditional VDA don’t support clearly the work that the repairer is asking approval for, our engineer then has to send a message back to the repairer and ask for clarification, and the whole thing becomes protracted and slow,” said Campbell.

“Using the CitNOW app, an insurance engineer can have a full view of every job in one go and will feel more comfortable approving more jobs. We can complete more jobs per day but the real value is for the customer, who doesn’t have to wait so long to hear whether or not their claim has been successful.”

The system integrates and packages all relevant information into a single page, making it similarly quick and easy for customers to navigate, and is proven to boost retail sales and conversions. Last year, CitNOW launched a Bodyshop application that has proven to add up to £250 per job in ‘upsell’ for some repairers.

CitNOW sales director, Gordon Grant, said: “The range of automotive industry uses that our innovative technology has continues to expand. One of the biggest bugbears motorists have about insurance companies is the length of time it takes for claims to be approved, so Aviva is leading the way in providing a better, more streamlined service for its customers.”