By: 1 April 2015
Lawson joins Hill Dickinson Counter Fraud Group

Hill Dickinson Counter Fraud Group has appointed risk-modelling specialist Raph Lawson as a data scientist.

Lawson, who has experience in the development and delivery of innovative intelligence products across numerous business sectors, will strive to positively impact traditional intelligence services at Hill Dickinson.

Lawson’s main priority will be to target instances of fraud before they manifest, instead of dealing with fraud after it has been detected by predictive modelling systems.

“Hill Dickinson has an entrepreneurial attitude when it comes to identifying and responding to market needs,” said Lawson.

“Owning a large and uniquely diverse dataset, informed decisions can be made accurately, swiftly and efficiently. I predict 2015 will see us become the recognised agents for change in insurance intelligence services. The rules are changing and we aim to help write them.”

Head of fraud at Hill Dickinson, Peter Oakes, said that Lawson was an exciting addition to our intelligence team.

“He brings valuable experience from the banking, credit and retail sectors and expertise in the development and application of sophisticated hybrid risk engines and data modelling tools,” he said.

“Fraudsters targeting our corporate clients and the insurance industry are continually evolving and we must continue to innovate to combat their threats.”