By: 4 August 2015
Atherton Godfrey secures legal aid contract to help more children injured at birth

Atherton Godfrey is now able to offer legal aid for children who have been seriously injured at birth, after securing a contract from the Legal Aid Agency.

The Doncaster firm has been providing medical negligence services for almost 25 years, and has won national recognition for its work. It is one of only a few law firms in the area able to offer legal aid in birth injury cases.

John McQuater (pictured), partner and head of the firm’s litigation department, said: “This is a particularly important development. Birth injuries are some of the most tragic cases we see; ones that not only impact on the child’s quality of life, but they also have a profound effect on the entire family and the emotional turmoil they cause should not be underestimated.

“Parents, or in some cases the child themselves, are desperate to get answers and reassurance that lessons have been learned. It is only fair then that those dealing with such an emotional situation should not then be subject to further anxiety over how their claim will be funded,” he added.