By: 15 September 2015
One in ten car crashes results in total write-offs worth almost £2 billion

Nearly 12 percent of all crashes over the past year has resulted in at least one vehicle being written-off, according to new research by Accident Exchange.

Analysis of 40,000 collisions handled by the accident management firm shows that the number of write-offs topped 257,000 in just 12 months in the UK, at a cost of £1,968,610,160.

Accident Exchange said that not enough dealerships are providing adequate post-accident care or capitalising on sales opportunities following a total loss and are losing out on invaluable leads as a result.

Liz Fisher, sales director at Accident Exchange, said that the value of vehicles written-off annually was staggering.

“What’s most surprising though, from an industry perspective, is that dealers often don’t have a plan to provide the necessary follow-up calls when a customer has had an accident – in fact they sometimes never even find out,” she said.

“As the first port of call for tens of thousands of drivers after an accident, the post-accident leads we provide dealers have become an invaluable source of additional revenue, allowing them to offer better customer service and sell more cars.”