By: 21 June 2016
9 out of 10 customers choose digital self-service to settle claims, says 360Globalnet

Policyholders are overwhelmingly choosing to settle claims digitally according to 360Globalnet, which has said that 9 out of 10 of its customers are now using a mobile device to self-service their claim settlements.

The technology company has said that 250,000 insurance policyholders have opted to settle their claims online with 360SelfServe, a digital self-service tool for insurance claims. In addition, more than 100,000 have used WithYouin5, the first UK-wide network of insurance agents linked to a technology platform, to assist their claims.

360SelfServe and WithYouin5 are part of a suite of digital products, that include a live stream video option. Supported by 360Globalnet’s own digital platform, customers report and manage their insurance claims online. The company says that this puts policyholders firmly at the centre of the claim process.

It adds that the option of self-servicing a claim is attractive to policyholders as they find that they have control and can dictate the pace of resolution, in keeping with their other online experiences, such as internet banking.

Paul Stanley, 360Globanet’s managing director and founder said: “Our ethos, since starting the business in 2010, has been to place the policyholder at the heart of the insurance claim and to improve service levels to match those in areas such as online retail.”

“These achievements prove how easy it is to use our digital technology, regardless of a person’s demographic. I think we are now seeing real customer empowerment in this space.”