By: 30 July 2019
Jardine Motors expands 16-year partnership with AX

UK dealership group Jardine Motors has expanded its long-term partnership with AX.

AX already supports Jardine with accident management service and day-rate insurance. Going forward, it was also provide a tailored suite of dealer fleet management and vehicle tracking services, as well as a licence checking system.

The new services are provided under the AX Innovation business unit and include dealer fleet management tool AX Manage and vehicle protection solution AX Connect.

AX said Jardine needed an integrated system—provided through a combination of AX Manage and Connect—to manage its fleets of courtesy and loan cars across the UK.

Featuring a multi-platform diary, AX Manage also provides the car retail group with daily vehicle usage reports and day-rate insurance to streamline its fleets and protect its motor trade policy.

Combining this with the AX Connect system, which uses telematics to track and analyse driving behaviour, Jardine can optimise the hundreds of dealer fleet vehicles it operates nationally.

One of the UK’s largest dealer groups, Jardine has 70 sites across the UK, representing 20 car brands, including Aston Martin, Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz.

Alongside the vehicle tracking and fleet management, AX Innovation has also implemented a tailored driving licence checking system, which will deliver efficiency savings and reduce paperwork.

The new contract signals the expansion of a 16-year relationship between AX and Jardine, which already uses AX Automotive’s suite of accident assistance services.

Diana Gomm, head of purchasing at Jardine Motors, said: “Having been partners for over a decade and a half, AX knows our business inside out and we know the quality it can bring. For us, it’s about finding partners that enable us to put our customers front-of-mind.”

“What the relationship with AX means is that our customers, from the first moment their licence is checked until after the car is returned, will have a seamless experience getting into our demo and courtesy vehicles.”

Vince Powell, managing director of AX Innovation, added: “Expanding our relationship with Jardine Motors Group is a great result for AX and shows how strong our reputation for quality service and innovation is among the biggest names in the industry.”

“Delivering a quality of service that a business like Jardine demands has its own challenges, but by building a tailored solution that truly fits their needs we can help make its most valuable tool—the fleet of demo and courtesy vehicles—as efficient and effective as possible.”