By: 29 August 2019
Morrison and ARAG launch cover for special guardians

ARAG has developed a product with specialty insurance broker Morrison Insurance Solutions to offer legal advice and protection to foster parents with the special guardian legal status.

The product was created for the independent, not-for-profit organisation FosterTalk, which provides support for foster parents.

It will be distributed as a benefit for FosterTalk members who are special guardians, which is a specific legal status assigned by the Family Court when an individual is directed to look after a young person on a long-term basis and take on parental responsibility for them.

As well as providing round-the-clock legal advice over the phone, the new policy covers the legal costs of defending both civil and criminal proceedings.

It also covers legal representation for an interview under caution and appealing against a decision by a court to discharge a special guardianship order relating to a child.

FosterTalk managing director Steve Stockley commented on the launch: “Our partnership with ARAG and Morrisons has enabled us to develop a product that is both unique and valuable to Special Guardians, who take on a huge responsibility and deserve the upmost support and protection, if they need it.”

Richard Nurrish, senior manager at Morrison Insurance Solutions, added: “We were delighted to further enhance our long-standing relationship with both FosterTalk and ARAG, with all working together to develop and bring this product to life.”

“It is not very often that a new product is brought to the market and to also provide a solution that helps support the valuable role special guardians play in society is particularly satisfying.”

Commenting for ARAG, underwriting and marketing director David Haynes said: “ARAG exists to provide access to justice to those who might not otherwise be able to afford it. This is especially important for Special Guardians who play a vital role in society that can sometimes place them in a difficult legal situation.”

Special guardian cover is available to FosterTalk members who are special guardians and is included as part of their group legal expenses policy.