By: 25 February 2020
Russell Scanlan and Fenchurch Law offer legal services to policyholders

Nottingham-based insurance broker Russell Scanlan has teamed up with Fenchurch Law to offer policyholders added protection against having an insurance claim refused.

Working in partnership with Fenchurch Law, Russell Scanlan is offering businesses and private clients access to legal counsel in the event that a valid claim is turned down by an insurer. 

For a one-off retainer fee of 1% of their insurance premiums, policyholders can seek unlimited legal advice and support during an insurance dispute from specialists at Fenchurch Law.

Bryan Banbury, managing director at Russell Scanlan, explained why the addition of legal services to the package that the insurance broker provides to its clients was a logical next step: “As insurance brokers, our job is to ensure we match you with the right insurance provider to best suit your needs, ensuring that your policy is fit for purpose and minimising your exposure to risk.”

“Should the worst happen, our claims handling and management support team is here to help and has the knowledge and experience to ensure that the underwriter makes good on the promise to pay that sits behind every policy we sell. In fact, we’ve secured over £20 million in paid insurance claims for our clients in the last six years.”

“In many cases, this process involves site visits to accompany loss adjusters, organising meetings with the insurers and working with third-party accident management companies to mitigate claims and to ensure that the claims experience is not prejudiced in any way.”

He continued: “However, there will always be a small percentage of cases where despite our best efforts; a legal course of action may be required. This is where Fenchurch Law can help. As part of the package clients will receive unlimited legal advice about their rights and obligations and cover for the cost of pursuing a claim against the insurer including counsels’ fees, experts and court fees, as well as cover against the risk of having to pay the insurer’s costs.”

Fenchurch Law managing partner David Pryce said: “We are delighted to be working with Russell Scanlan to offer this added benefit to its clients. Unlike almost every other insurance law firm, we specialise in acting for policyholders in coverage disputes and our lawyers work hard to assess the bigger picture and find solutions quickly and efficiently.”

“Most policyholders are unable to match the financial resources or the specialist professional support networks that their insurers can call upon. This means that if insurers refuse to pay a claim, very few policyholders are able to challenge the decision on a commercially level playing-field. Our package offers policyholders added protection with access to high quality legal representation, at a fraction of the costs that would normally be involved in pursuing a claim against an insurer.”

Fenchurch Law appointed Aaron Le Marquer as a partner in January, expanding its insurance coverage dispute capabilities and international expertise.