Insurethebox: 1,060 accidents prevented through driver education

Insurethebox has prevented more than 1,000 road accidents through its regular communications with insured drivers, according to newly released data.

The insurer’s telematics offering has enabled the collection of five billion miles of driving data and associated claims since its launch in 2010. Over the past four years, its communications, which aim to inform and educate policyholders about their behaviour on the road, have resulted in 80,000 drivers reducing their speed by 21%, resulting in a 7% reduction in accident frequency.

The telematics insurer estimates that 1,060 accidents have been prevented and 34 serious injuries avoided in this time.

Insurthebox analysed the data of 120,000 policyholders in the communication programme since 2016, with prevented accidents calculated based on the decreased accident frequency of 80,000 customers who have been in the communications programme for at least six months.

Its communications with drivers aim to reduce speeding through a series of tailored, educational messages triggered when they break legal limits.

Communications like these are now more important than ever, according to insurthebox, as the telematics insurer recently observed speeding propensity rising considerably since the UK lockdown was imposed—correlating with nationwide findings of upsurges in offences related to speeding.

Its communications have shifted to highlight the impact on emergency services to reflect this upsurge.

Gary Stewart, service manager at insurethebox, said: “We keep a strong focus on protecting our customers throughout the duration of their policy. We pride ourselves on making a positive influence on the road, and it’s truly encouraging to see campaigns like this work. Each accident we stop and every injury avoided is a win for everyone, and I hope we keep seeing the positive outcomes for years to come.”

“The differentiator for us is the manner in which we look inwards, and use telematics data for a bigger purpose—to identify driving trends and predict future behaviours of customers in order to help them stay safe.”