By: 1 September 2020
ABI members extend Covid-19 pledges

Pledges made by members of the Association of British Insurers (ABI) to support policyholders during the Covid-19 crisis are being extended to 31 October.

ABI home and motor insurer members made a number of customer pledges as the UK entered lockdown in March in recognition of the stressful and difficult time facing many households as the Covid-19 pandemic unfolded.

The pledges were part of a package of support measures offered by the insurance sector, which also included policy extensions and donating £84 million to the Covid-19 Support Fund to help those hardest hit by the crisis.

The home and motor insurance pledges agreed to include supporting those who need to make a claim and ensuring consistency in the handling service.

ABI members also pledged that the home insurance policies of office-based workers carrying out their jobs from home would be unaffected, as would the motor policies of those unable to fulfil their roles remotely.

Similarly, insurers pledged to support motor policyholders who are using their cars to help their communities, as well as key workers.

Mark Shepherd, assistant director and head of general insurance policy at the ABI, said: “Insurers are committed to helping customers throughout these challenging times. If you are an office-based worker who is working from home or an employee driving to your workplace because of the pandemic you are covered.”

“The insurance industry plays a vital role as a final safety net for customers and the extension of these customer pledges demonstrates the industry’s commitment to supporting those impacted by the crisis.”

The home and motor pledges were due to be reviewed on 1 September and will remain in place until 31 October, when they will be reviewed again.

Pet owners, meanwhile, continue to benefit from the reassurance that being unable to access veterinary services will not invalidate a pet insurance policy and insurers will continue to be flexible on policy conditions requiring a pet to have a vaccination or health check.

The pledge from pet insurers will be reviewed on 30 September.