By: 30 June 2022
Brokers seek personal touch from insurers, finds Allianz

Insurance brokers want better communication and more of a personal touch from insurers when dealing with complex claims, according to a new Allianz survey.

The insurer’s survey found that more than two thirds of “claims-handling” brokers spend at least three quarters of their time dealing with simple and straightforward claims, as opposed to complex or high value (more than £100,000).

Allianz asked which aspects of the claims process had the largest impact on brokers’ work and the service they provide to customers.

For respondents, the overall smoothness of the claims journey was the most important factor, especially for simple claims. Further feedback was that they would appreciate more regular communication from insurers’ claims handlers, and even more so over the phone or face to face or through chat mechanisms, rather than through emails. 

Additionally, the brokers surveyed welcome insurers being flexible and providing access to experts when required.

Nick Hobbs, chief distribution and regions officer at Allianz Commercial, commented: “Brokers are constantly looking at where they can add value to the insurance process for the customer, and complicated or particularly large claims are instances where they really prove their mettle.”

“Brokers want to be able to connect to insurers directly when it comes to claims. The industry, as a whole, has to focus on communication throughout the claims process by offering more contact, with regular updates on timelines and progress.”

Image: Canva