From splats to settlements: Heinz introduces ketchup insurance

Heinz Arabia has introduced what it claims to be the world’s first-ever ketchup insurance policy, available to UK customers!

Aimed at alleviating the woes of ketchup enthusiasts who sometimes find themselves in sticky situations, this insurance coverage promises to provide compensation for an array of ketchup-related mishaps.

Inspired by the countless tales of ketchup spills, splatters, and splotches shared on social media, Heinz Arabia has developed an insurance and benefits package that covers 57 different types of claims. This insurance is designed to offer hassle-free compensation to those who believe that Heinz is always worth the risk. It will cover everything from stains on carpets and clothing to splatters on pets, ceilings, and sofas.

The launch of this unique insurance policy comes as part of a campaign targeted at the United Arab Emirates market. Partnering with MyBenefits, an employee benefits app, Heinz aims to provide its customers with peace of mind when it comes to their favourite condiment.


What is covered?

Out of 57 possible conundrums, here are some of our favourites:

  • Cupid’s curse– The claimant’s angry lover applies Heinz ketchup to the claimant’s clothing, in an act of revenge.
  • Catastrophic– A family member of the claimant’s family creates a ketchup spill that somehow finds its way onto a feline friend.
  • The headshot– The claimant somehow manages to get ketchup solely on their head, and nowhere else on their body.
  • Flipped off– The claimant’s sauced-up meal is turned upside-down, causing the food to rest on the underlying surface.
  • Red alert– The claimant squeezes the ketchup bottle a bit too hard. The cap, not properly secured, flies off, and a jet of ketchup shoots across the table, splattering everyone and everything in its path.


Commenting on the launch, Passant El Ghannam, head of marketing at Kraft Heinz MEA, said:

“Here at Heinz, we know our fans’ love for our ketchup can sometimes be, well, a bit over the top. Our research tells us that 48% of them have ketchup accidents all the time, but 91% swear their love for Heinz makes it totally worth it. That’s why we’re rolling out ketchup insurance – to turn messy moments into pure joy and convenience for our die-hard fans, letting them enjoy their ketchup incidents worry-free.”

The insurance policy is not just a playful gimmick; it comes with tangible benefits for those who find themselves in need of compensation. Heinz-lovers in the UAE will have the opportunity to redeem their rewards through a range of services, including home cleaning, laundry assistance, handyman services, and spa treatments. Users can access these rewards through the MyBenefits app.

While retaining a lighthearted tone, the campaign structures the coverage with typical risk management principles in mind. The insurance ensures that only damages caused by Heinz Ketchup are covered, maintaining fidelity to the brand. Furthermore, the insurance policy excludes intentional acts from coverage, and claimants must submit claims within a specific timeframe to qualify for compensation.

Heinz Arabia encourages individuals who have experienced ketchup-related incidents to apply through the company’s website or social media channels using the hashtag #HeinzKetchupInsurance.

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Emma Cockings
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