Leading the way in modern travel safety and emergency response

Adam St. John, CEO, Sitata.

In today’s ever-changing global landscape, unanticipated disasters can strike without warning, leaving travellers vulnerable and stuck in unfamiliar territory.

Sitata has established itself as a pioneering force in the travel insurance and safety industries. The InsurTech utilises the latest technologies to provide its clients with exceptional security and peace of mind.

Sitata’s comprehensive strategy combines geopolitical analysts, empowered with AI monitoring to create real-time threat notifications. Supplemented by active safety check-ins and chat-first emergency help, Sitata ensures that travellers never face unknown or unsafe situations alone.


Proactive measures in action

During the recent Hamas strikes in Israel, Sitata’s proactive technologies proved crucial, as we quickly notified 26 travellers on the ground as events unfolded. We also sent automated safety check-ins via their mobile app, emails, and phone calls.

The team immediately performed manual safety checks on those who did not react. This allowed Sitata to identify and assist those in need, or those who were unresponsive, within 45 minutes. This prompt and coordinated response helped two NGO staff evacuate Gaza via the Rafah crossing within the first 36 hours, arguably saving their lives.

Our team rapidly responded with the help of in-house, specialised technology. This enabled the team to keep communication lines open and quickly determine the location of travellers. Radar, Sitata’s global security operations dashboard, allowed us to instantly identify the location of its travellers via direct location sharing or itinerary data.


Sitata’s global operation software quickly identifies traveller locations and assistance resources.


Our real-time notifications also ensured that each member was informed as the situation evolved. Sitata provided continuous updates to its members, including government-issued evacuation information, and coordinated evacuations arranged by our team.


The present and future of travel insurance: integrated prevention and assistance technology

Sitata meticulously designs its end-to-end platform to ensure that the journeys of its members are as smooth and secure as possible. From in-destination safety warnings and real-time safety check-ins to chat-first emergency assistance across 15 languages, our integrated technology focuses on prevention and a modern approach to emergency travel assistance.

While other duty-of-care providers cater primarily to corporate travel, Sitata stands out as the only InsurTech and insurance provider capable of delivering this level of comprehensive support for all traveller types. Sitata’s commitment to leveraging technology to its fullest potential sets it apart, enabling the company to respond quickly and effectively during emergencies, ensuring the safety of members in even the most challenging circumstances.

Sitata remains committed to innovation and delivering unparalleled value beyond digital claims payments. By democratising these services and incorporating proactive measures, comprehensive support, and unwavering commitment to traveller safety, we believe we are revolutionising how the travel insurance industry protects its policyholders.


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